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Hailing from the seemingly endless pool of incredible talent that is Chicago, Angelenah is slowly but surely blossoming into one of the city’s most exciting new artists.  A formally trained poet of Young Chicago Authors who hails from the South Side of Chicago, she grew up on musical theater like “The Lion King” & “Annie” and became a theater child. Her diverse vocal influences include Nina Simone, MC Lyte, Rihanna, Eminem, Yo-Yo Ma, Fred Durst, and Chaka Khan. Already boasting features with the legendary Tech N9Ne, The Game, Gangsta Boo and a Strange Music alliance under her belt, Angelenah’s appeal and voice are undeniable.  Whether singing ballads or rapping at breakneck speeds, she will captivate you.  Her debut EP, Free Pu$$y, was both controversial and undeniably amazing; she is truly a force of nature that demands your attention.

Here are Angel’s own words as to why she makes music.

“I wanted to make music professionally because I want to change the way people feel. I feel so many different emotions all the time & one day I was listening to “I Was Here” by Beyonce, really, and I thought fuck, I can do that. I need to do that. “I want to make people feel good, bad, angry, sexy, emotional. Maybe the things that I sing about will change a person’s mind about something, make them more confident, teach them, help them realize something. No matter what they feel, I want to do that.“

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